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AGREM Subirrigation Systems

AGREM Subirrigation Systems combine the advantages of tile drainage with sub surface irrigation. Beyond draining your fields in the Spring and Fall and eliminating wet spots, AGREM Subirrigation Systems allow you to evenly apply water to your crops during the growing season. The added benefits of reduced labor costs in irrigating, low maintenance and repair costs, and little to no replacement costs only add to the superiority of AGREM Subirrigation Systems over conventional irrigation systems.

  • Superior drainage
  • Sub surface irrigation
  • Uniform tile depths
  • Low labor costs
  • Low pumping costs
  • Permanent system
  • Upgrade potential
  • Can be applied to AGREM Contoured Drainage Systems
  • Can be applied to AGREM Controlled Drainage Systems

How close do tile laterals have to be for subirrigation?

This is a great question with a complex answer. The quick answer is closer than for water management systems that are only capable of drainage. For most soil types, tile laterals should be between 30 to 50% closer for subirrigation than for drainage systems. Most growers, though, are favoring systems today that have close drainage lines to increase their field's drainage coefficient. In these cases, the desire for faster drainage has caused growers to already see the need for spacings capable of subirrigation. After all, removing water quickly during wet times and then being able to put the water back when its dry gives the grower the greatest control over soil moisture.