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AGREM Conventional Drainage Systems

Conventional Drainage Systems are the most basic form of pattern tile drainage systems. These systems provide relief drainage to a field with laterals placed according to soil types and your desired drainage coefficient. If possible, these systems are designed to minimize the amount of mains required to provide outlets to laterals. Laterals are further extended to their greatest possible length. By doing so, conventional drainage systems are the lowest cost method of providing relief drainage throughout a field.

  • Low cost drainage system
  • Provides relief drainage to a field
  • Size and spacing of laterals and mains according to soil type and your desired drainage coefficient
  • Often does not provide interceptor drainage
  • Varying slopes and depths of laterals to maximize lateral length
  • Can be combined with surface drainage systems
  • Rarely can be used for an efficient controlled drainage system

I have heard AGREM specializes in subirrigation systems. Do you design pattern tile systems?

We do. Before developing contour drainage, we designed pattern tile systems for tile contractors throughout the Midwest. We continue to do so. With the increase in the number of farmer plows, we provide designs directly to growers who install the designs themselves. As water management design is a specialized job that requires a great deal of knowledge that is not easily learned, we've been able to assist growers who otherwise do not have the time or knowledge to develop drainage plans for their fields. Also, we can provide with any subirrigation design alternative pattern tile designs for our clients to determine which system has the greatest potential rate of return. In some cases, the costs for a contour or subirrigation system are significantly higher than pattern tile, and the grower opts to install the pattern tile system. Our goal at AGREM is to provide our clients with options in water management, and pattern tile is definetely one of those options.